Nutritional program

Wild Vegan offers a vegan nutritional program

You set the goal and i will take you there safely while you maintain your health.

The vegan life style, unlike any other diet, allows you to feel vibrant and youthfull as you never did and avoid common symptoms of mal modern-western nutrition.

Practical and applicable

The two main factors to achieve your goal. a flashy printed sheet of paper is not enough. In order to achieve your goal you will need an easy access to the right food. That is the only way to start your healthier life.

In order to overcome common obstacls W.V will equip you with the right set of tools such as: A shopping list and a list of the nearest stores and restaurants for you to get your healthy food.

Training program

Every W.V athlete will recieve a personal training program tailored specifically for one's needs and goals.

In addition you will summon to a monthly inspection of mesurments and nutritioinal supervision.

You will allso get a 12% discount for personal training sessions at W.V

Further information and registration

Call: 0546-668-007


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