Group & Personal training

Wild Vegan offers a phisical training services

We train outdoors at the parks and beaches of Tel aviv. The lovely weather surrounds israel allows us to do so all year long.

We can train one on one or in a 2-6 members group.

At the training session you will use many props such as TRX, rubber bands, medicine balls, dumbells and more important your own body weight.

All sessions instructed by Tal Zaidman:

A 15 years experienced certified trainer, functional trainer, spinning and cross country instructor, IDF combat fitnes trainer and "Krav maga" instructor.

Benefits & Bonus

All W.V athletes entitled for a monthly inspection of weight, fat percentage and measurments.

All W.V athletes entitled for 10% discount for a vegan nutritional program.

 Further information and registration

Call: 0546-668-007


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